‘CRAZY NIGHT’: Kaley Cuoco once blacked out drinking sake, woke up in horse riding gear

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Actress Kaley Cuoco once blacked out after drinking too much Japanese rice wine and woke up the next day in her horse riding gear.

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The Big Bang Theory star, who is a keen horsewoman married to top equestrian Karl Cook, had spent “all day riding” with her man at a horse show one summer, and after the competition, the couple went out for a “crazy night”.

“That’s when Kaley learned that we don’t drink sake any more,” she told Kelly Clarkson on the pop star’s daytime talk show. “I speak in the third person about that night. I was actually with my husband, we weren’t marred at the time then, we were dating.

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“And he still married me. This is why he’s a keeper. We had a crazy night and we went and got sushi and there was all this sake.”

She’s not at all sure what happened after the boozy dinner date but she found herself all ready to saddle up again in her “full riding outfit” the next day.

“I woke up the next morning,” she added, “I’m not kidding, in my full riding outfit, with my tall boots on, hair still in a knot from under my helmet, laying on the couch. I was fully clothed. I said (to Karl), ‘What happened?’ and he said, ‘Sake happened’. And I said, ‘I can never drink that again!’”

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And she stuck to her word: “I never drank it again… It really got me.”

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