Canadian Performer Charities to Support

Would you like to know if there are some worthwhile Canadian performer charities to donate to this holiday season?

It is undeniable that the Canadian performance industry was devastated by the events of 2020, and many companies will need a little financial boost to get them back on their feet. If you’d like to be a part of the solution, this list will give you a simple place to start.

Be a part of the movement that gets us all back to work again and helps us build a better, more equitable industry.

Financial Assistance and Opportunities for Training

Anne Burrows Music Foundation

This foundation funds scholarships for aspiring professional Edmonton-based musicians.

Centre for Indigenous Theatre

This company runs full-time conservatory-style post-secondary theatre training programs that are rooted in Indigenous culture.

Celia Franca Foundation

This foundation helps young ballet dancers pursue elite training opportunities.

Les Muses: centre des arts de la scène

This company provides professional training to artists with disabilities.

Nova Scotia Talent Trust

The Talent Trust funds scholarships that support aspiring professional Nova Scotian artists.

Sheridan Class of ’95 BIPOC Fund

This fund supports a bursary for BIPOC musical theatre and technical theatre students at Sheridan.

Community Outreach/Involvement


They bring high quality arts training to the Vancouver Island elementary school children who need it most.

The Concerned Kids

They create interactive puppet shows for children, addressing issues like bullying, safety, substance abuse, and other sensitive topics.

Full Circle – First Nations Performance

They provide performance opportunities for Indigenous performers, and facilitate community educational projects.

Montreal Danse

Montreal Dance runs Danse contre la violence (Dance Against Violence). The company facilitates movement workshops to help Quebec women and children who are domestic violence survivors.

Old School Intergenerational Projects

Based in St. John’s, this company facilitates projects that connect seniors with kids.

Ptarmigan Arts Society

Funds low- or no-cost accessible arts programs for the community of Pender Island.


This Saskatchewan company gives emerging performers professional experience by touring performances and workshops to many rural communities.

Smile Theatre

This company brings the magic of live (and digital) theatre into care homes.

Young at Heart – Musical Theatre for Seniors

This theatre company in PEI is dedicated to bringing professional musical theatre into seniors homes.

Emergency Assistance and Funded Work Opportunities


The Actor’s Fund of Canada helps support professionals in their time of need. They financially aid artists through emergencies such as injury, illness, or other crucial moments.


This company supports a broad spectrum of artistic endeavours. They create work opportunities and contribute funds to those in need.

Glad Day Bookshop

They support LGBTQ2S+ artists in numerous ways with paid opportunities and grants.

PAL (Performing Arts Lodge) Stratford

Provides affordable housing for professional artists in Stratford.

Unison Fund

This fund helps musicians with counselling and emergency relief in times of crisis.

Advocacy Groups And Mission-Driven Companies


This company aims to create a supportive, equitable community for professional dancers. They facilitate workshops and other networking events.

The Disability Collective

This collective strives to celebrate disabled artists and showcase their skills.

EveryBODY On Stage

This company fights to steer people away from fat-phobia and advocates for body inclusion on stage.

The Jellyfish Project

They perform musical presentations in schools that inspire environmental action and activism.

Prime Mover Theatre Company

This company advocates for opportunities for marginalized voices. They emphasize training opportunities, visibility and performance opportunities.

Professional Association of Canadian Theatres

They aim to create a safe, equitable, accessible, and thriving Canadian theatre community.

Your Favourite Theatre Company

Between professional and community-based companies, there are countless non-profits across Canada that would appreciate your support. If there’s a company you absolutely adore, see if they accept donations. You may even be able to get involved in other ways. 

Don’t forget that some schools collect donations as well. If there’s a company you love and respect, reach out!

These past few years have been a significant stressor on most arts organizations, and we can’t wait to get back to doing what we do best. Helping out wherever you can is the best way to help revive the live performance industry.

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