Tasty Caffeinated Energy Beverages : ZOA Energy1

ZOA Energy is a brand co-founded by global-superstar-turned-businessman Dwayne Johnson. The company has recently revealed that its energy drinks will now be available in ten provinces throughout Canada. Dwayne Johnson, better known as ‘The Rock,’ announced the news on his official Instagram page and was met with much excitement from Canadian consumers and wrestling fans.

The energy drinks are currently available online on Amazon and can also be found in Costco stores. A case of 12 retails for $24.99 and is available in Tropical Punch, White Peach, and Wild Orange flavors. The beverages are extraordinarily healthy and include natural caffeine, vitamin C, vitamin B, and choline to boost focus levels. These tasty beverages are perfect for staying hydrated during workouts.

Image Credit: ZOA

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