Vitamin C-Powered Serums : Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C serums have definitely skyrocketed in popularity in the beauty industry in the last couple of years as many consumers turn to the ingredient for its ability to even out skin imperfections and improve complexion. Elf Cosmetics offers a Vitamin C Serum that has gone viral—perhaps due to its efficacy, as well as its accessible price point.

The Elf Cosmetics’ Vitamin C Serum is hydrating and nourishing, promising a radiant complexion. The formula packs Vitamin C to even out skin tone, alongside Vitamin E (which nourishes and hydrates) and Pomegranate Extract (which delivers an antioxidant boost to protect the skin). With this ingredient list, Efl Cosmetics’ product works to restore youthful glow and prevent premature signs of aging.

Image Credit: Elf Cosmetics

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