John Zimmerman dead and obituary, Carnegie Mellon University cause of death

John Zimmerman dead and obituary

THANK YOU We deeply appreciate your time, sympathies, prayers, flowers, and kindness during our bereavement for the passing of our John A. Zimmerman. The love you have shown our family is truly uplifting. From the Zimmerman Family

I am a researcher and teacher of classes related to HCI methods, interaction design, design theory, and service innovation. My research interests include four areas in which I spend time investigating.

I combine human and machine intelligence in my work by investigating how to blend them. I’m also interested in how designers can more easily understand machine learning as a design material. My current projects include a decision support system for clinicians that helps them decide if they should implant an artificial heart.

I use Product Attachment Theory when designing digital products and services. My work shows that people love stuff, which explains why people choose to use particular systems. This has helped create many systems that help people feel like they are improving as parents. New technology allows people to alter how digital things appear and function. This leads them to perceive their digital items as more valuable than they actually are. My research focuses on changing this behavior through human interface. By examining new digital devices, I hope to create more digestible results for future generations.

I use my current work to explore how using social computing can help people co-create public services they use. My Tiramisu app is deployed on a real public transportation service— it allows transit riders to show other riders where they are in real time.

Through my designs, I explore the possibilities of possible futures through making things. Doing this alongside other fields like engineering and science allows me to combine design research with practice. My book is called Design Research through Practice.

I consulted the Philips Research Institute about personalized TV systems before working at the HCI Institute.

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