Ryan Waller dead and obituary, The Tragic Murder Mystery – cause of death

Ryan Waller dead and obituary

Ryan Waller died in the burglary, shooting and murder of his girlfriend on Christmas Day. Waller’s story has elements of tragedy as well as allegations of injustice.

Waller is not a victim. Instead, he was one of the prime suspects in the unfortunate events that killed him and his girlfriend. He is well known online for being the subject of a lengthy police interview as he is still struggling with two shots in the head.

In the end, his case is a mix of human rights violations and police misconduct, including their failure to rescue him sooner and ignoring his brain damage for hours. The case is also notorious for containing a lot of false information.

There have been many theories and complaints that the police are not treating Ryan fairly, and there is more to this story thanks to follow-up interviews with Ryan’s family and friends from numerous independents and the media. Heather and Ryan live in a rented apartment with roommate Alexia.

The deceased couple only lived in the house for about a month and a half. Ryan and his girlfriend were sitting in the living room or their room on the afternoon of December 23, 2006, when he and Larry Carver’s son, Rich Carver, stood outside Waller’s door.

When they got there, they called Waller and Ryan came over to see who it was. Still, Carver and his son broke into Waller’s home.

As Waller tried to close the door, Rich reached out and shot Ryan twice in the head, assuming he was dead.
He then shot and killed Lane’s girlfriend Heather while she was sitting on a sofa in another room.

Because the father-son team didn’t want any witnesses, it was Ritchie who allegedly killed them. After the shooting, Rich and his father also confiscated some guns and a computer from the scene.

Why Larry and his son tried to kill Waller and his girlfriend Heather has been the subject of many theories.

Waller and Larry’s son Richie used to be roommates, and their disagreement continued for a while. Ryan and Ritchie have also had physical altercations before.

Others claimed Richie approached Ryan’s girlfriend Heather, which he found offensive.

On the other hand, there are rumors that Rich and Waller were involved in an armed conflict.

Some claim that Richie was just jealous of Ryan’s beautiful possessions. It’s just before Christmas, so expect Ryan or Heather to call or stop to celebrate the holidays. After about three days, Ryan’s father became concerned because he had not heard from his son for several days. Ryan’s parents drove to his home after not getting a call from him for two days. They rang the doorbell and looked out, but no one answered.

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