Video of two WWII plane crashing at Dallas Air Show has gone viral

The video of the crash of two military planes from World War II at the Dallas Air Show has gone viral. Two planes from World War II crashed into each other in midair at an air show in Dallas on November 12, 2022. This reported as a terrible event the day before. It was a bad thing that happened in the blue when many people were around. Two World War II plane crashing were in the air when the accident occurred, and people could record it on their phones. After the terrible thing, Veteran’s Day turned into a horror scene. Follow our website, Newsyblogy, for the latest updates!!!!!

Watch: Two military planes from World War

Sources say these two old planes crashed in the air during their shows, killing at least two people. People getting worried about who killed them now that the news of this event spread far and wide. Video of the event shows that the planes hit each other at a low altitude, and when one airplane crashed into the other, the second plane broke in half. After the plane hit the ground, a fireball could seen. The fire is easy to see from far away. Many want to know the names of the veterans who died in this accident.

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According to the sources, one of them was a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress at an air show near Dallas to honour World War II. Well, it’s not clear yet how many people were in the two planes. Still, the group that represents American Airlines pilots, the Allied Pilots Association, said that former members Len Root and Terry Barker were among the people who died in the plane crashing.

Other news sources say the crash may have killed six people. Millions of people have shared many videos on social media. People in the county are paying their respects to the people who died in this terrible crash.

A man posted a video to his Twitter account that said, “Two private warbirds, a B-17 and a P-63, crashed in the air at the Wings Over Dallas airshow in Texas” (US). So far, we have yet to determine how many people are on board. “WARNING: This video may be upsetting to some viewers.” One of the videos taken from the landing side, which makes it easy to see what happened.

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