R. Nelly? Rapper Bashed After Clips Resurfaced of Him Singing to Young Girls | WATCH

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*Nelly has found himself in hot water after clips of him supposedly serenading underage girls while twirling their hair resurfaced online.

“Are you nervous?” he can be heard asking one of the girls, whose hand he holds, in one of the clips. He then says to her, “I’m nervous.”

Nelly is then seen directing the girl to stand face-to-face with him and asking her to hold his glasses, then he grabs strands of her hair. He then sings his 2004 single “Over and Over.”

Another clip has Nelly doing the same stunt at yet another show. Here, the 48-year-old “rapsinger” was crooning real, real close to a very uncomfortable-looking young white girl. Watch it below.

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Many online users quickly reacted to the clips. At least one user called him “R.Nelly” in reference to R. Kelly, the jailed, disgraced singer who faced multiple child molestation charges.

“I’m offended that no one booed this!! Wow,” commented another user.

“I feel sick. I loved nelly I won’t be listening to him anymore in my house,” yet another user commented.

But not everyone bashed Nelly; some online users sided with him and pointed fingers in the other direction.

“Stop sexualizing every damn thing ‘black’ people do! We have genuine, caring, mothering, and fathering souls too!” said one of his fans.

“The country song is innocent and I’m sure he meant no harm. When have we ever heard this about Nelly ? C’mon,” cried another fan.

Another user turned the heat on the girl’s parents.

“Well it looks innocent to me and where is her parents? Let’s start there,” wrote the user. “She didn’t get on stage by herself I’m sure. If she was uncomfortable then her parents shouldn’t have allowed her to go up there. Now if the girl was really a Nelly fan and her parents thought this would be a cool experience, that’s fine too. The hair twirling does look a little odd but it also seems innocent.”

We have to ask. Is Nelly another Kelly?

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