Alison Hammond Set to Reunite With Harrison Ford on This Morning

Alison Hammond is set to reunite with Harrison Ford for an interview on This Morning. Five years after a hilarious chat between the pair went viral.

The Indiana Jones star about his Upcoming Film 1923 during the show

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The presenter is set to chat with the Indiana Jones star about his upcoming film 1923 during Monday’s show, half a decade after he left her hysterical during a personal chat.

original movie before drinking whiskey

Alison famously left audiences hysterical in 2017 when she interviewed both Harrison and Ryan Gosling about Blade Runner: 2049, admitting she hadn’t even seen the original film before drinking whiskey with the pair .

seen talking to harrison about the role

In a preview clip released by ITV, a glamorous Alison can be seen talking to Harrison about his role in the Yellowstone prequel over Zoom from his home in Birmingham.

Intercut are clips from a previous chat between Alison and Harrison. In which it was seen when she could not see the original Bladerunner. So he immediately broke the ice by breaking the ice.

Clearly amused by the antics, Harrison joked: ‘Cheer up, it’s a lovely day in London. Leave it like this! Not the intro that was promised…’ as the trio fell into fits of giggles. Harrison also took a sip before Ryan held up a glass that appeared to be full of whiskey.

Has this couple started drinking

When asked whether the couple has started drinking. Ryan quipped: ‘I think that’s where it’s going. before all three started laughing once again. Attempting to get the interview back on track, Ellison approached Harrison and asked: ‘When you got the call to say, ‘We’re making another Blade Runner and we want you to be in it’, What was your reaction?’

But events had taken a sinister turn as he asked ‘So what?’

Taking matters into his own hands, Ryan tried to take control, asking: ‘Is this an interview?… Do you guys need help with the cameras?’ before jumping up and taking control of one of the machines.

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