Boycott Pathaan When the first song was published, the hashtag #BoycottPathaan began to trend,-Read Full News why people are boycott this film.

Avoid the Deepika-SRK movie: The boycott of Bollywood movies has been on the rise over the last several months, and its impact on the films’ box office earnings is evident. The same controversy over the movie “Pathan,” starring Shahrukh Khan, is now raging on social media. Let us inform you that Shah Rukh Khan’s movie “Pathan” will be released in January of the following year. In the recently released first song from the movie “Besharam Rang,” Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan display their sultry chemistry. However, Deepika Padukone has just recently been the target of vicious trolls after the first song’s release.

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commotion about Deepika’s attire

Actually, everyone is focusing on Deepika’s scorching appearance in the Pathan song “Besharam Rang.” Some individuals are viciously making fun of Deepika’s actions and attire in the song. Following this, there was a social media outrage calling for a boycott of the movie. In the song, Deepika Padukone is really sporting a saffron-colored monokini. There has been a commotion over monokini colour everywhere. Let us inform you that the sensual appearance of the actress in Pathan’s song “Besharam Rang,” which was published on December 12, is driving everyone wild. However, there was controversy over Deepika’s orange monokini in this song. Some individuals, according to media sources, claim that the film’s usage of the saffron hue is an affront to Hinduism.

Received a warning for altering the colour of my monokini

deepika padukone new song

Let us inform you that Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra gave the order to modify the colour of Deepika’s attire in the song through a post. He has said that he would not let the release of “Pathan” in MP if this does not take place. So, it will be interesting to watch what modifications the Pathan film’s creators make to “Besharam Rang.” Let us inform you that the excitement around the movie “Pathan” is mostly due to Shah Rukh Khan. After nearly 4 years, King Khan is prepared to burst with “Pathan.” Shah Rukh Khan previously starred with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in the movie Zero. Regarding the remainder of Shahrukh’s future movies, in addition to “Pathan,” he will also be starring in blockbusters like “Jawab” and “Danki.”

deepika padukone new song

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