Disha Patani’s New Boyfriend In the middle of dating rumours, Disha recorded an amazing video in the washroom with her “new boyfriend,” leaving her fans speechless.

Disha Patani Aleksandar Alex Ilic: According to sources, actor Tiger Shroff and actress Disha Patani have ended their long-term romance. Within a short time of the split, Disha found love once again. According to media sources, Disha is dating Alexander Alex Ilic, her personal trainer at the gym. Alexander and Disha are often seen together in public and at social gatherings. Let us inform you that Disha just shared a daring video on social media in which she is seen in the toilet with her new partner.

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Disha recorded a video in the restroom with her “new beau.”

As we just said, Disha Patani and her reputed lover Aleksandar Alex Ilic made a daring restroom video. In this video, Disha and Alexander are seen standing next to one other while music plays in the background. Disha is sporting a pair of dark spectacles, and Alexander is creating repeating heart shapes with his hands.

disha patani new boyfriend

The footage stunned the audience.

Please note that Disha and Alexander are not dressed normally in this video; instead, they are both wearing towel gowns and sporting towel wraps on their heads. In the restroom, both individuals are dancing as Disha alternately twerks. Shampoo bottles were utilised as microphones by Alexander and Disha. Fans are stunned to see Disha dancing sensually in front of Alexander.

disha patani new boyfriend

Let us inform you that Aleksandar Alex Ilic was recently questioned about his relationship with Disha Patani, and the model responded saying Disha is like family to her.

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