Eurovision’s Sam Ryder set his sights on singing the next Bond theme

Sam Ryder would love to do a Bond theme song (Picture: Supplied)

‘We had a day off in Switzerland!’ he beams. ‘We’re on a European tour and it was our first day off since I can’t even remember when! I swam in a river, which was freezing, but I love it. A good way to reset and take care of my voice. I’m feeling good.’

One of the standout stars of Eurovision, Sam Ryder has won over legions of fans thanks to his unstoppable enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Speaking on Zoom on a rare day off from touring, the Space Man star has been trying to process what has happened in the past 12 months.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sam’s stratospheric rise, he went from sharing TikTok videos of him performing cover versions with his inimitable voice, to being Eurovision 2022 runner-up and playing at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

It’s been a rollercoaster for Sam, who still remains endearingly humble. ‘This is the importance of days off and taking time away from whatever it is that you’re completely immersed in,’ he says. ‘We all know the feeling of being swept up by the thing you actually love and it destroying your spirit if you’re not careful. You can’t see the wood from the trees if you don’t step back a little bit from it.’

He smiles as he looks back at how much has changed. ‘Jesus, this time two years ago, I was stood in the corner of my shed with no idea that any of this was going to happen,’ he says. ‘How magic is that? How grateful should I be for this?’

Gratitude plays a big part in Sam’s life, and he regularly thanks fans for their support. He’s also excited to see what happens next, with his debut album There’s Nothing But Space, Man! out now and a UK tour coming next spring.

Sam Ryder performing at the Eurovision song contest

Sam came runner up at Eurovision earlier this year (Picture: Marco Bertorello/AFP)

‘This tour over here in Europe has felt like a conversation and an exchange of energy,’ he says. ‘I want fans to leave feeling in their heart they’ve had an involvement in this connection, they’re part of the story. My career belongs to them.’

Sam struggles to pinpoint a moment that stands out in his incredible, intense career to date.

‘That’s like picking out the brightest part of the sun,’ he says. ‘These moments have fallen in my lap by the kindness and support of complete strangers, so releasing an album and putting music out there is the only way that I can think of redirecting the flow of energy.’

If he had to choose, though, joining forces with Queen was a big one. ‘Singing with Queen was something I never even imagined in my wildest dreams, why would you even waste your time thinking about something like that becoming possible?’ he says.

Sam Ryder and Brian May (right) performing Somebody To Love at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in London (Picture: Kevin Mazur/MBC/PA Wire)
The singer would like to collaborate with Alicia Keys and Sia (Picture: Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

‘That’s so unrealistic, to be singing with Queen at Wembley Stadium, the first time that they’ve set foot on that hallowed bit of ground since the Freddie Mercury memorial concert.’

He throws his hands up in disbelief. ‘The last time they were playing that song [Somebody To Love] was with the late, great George Michael singing it, and then me. That is completely stupid, and wilder than my wildest dreams. You can’t dream it,’ he says.

He’s only just getting started, but has big ambitions. ‘I’d love to do a Bond song! I’d love, love, love to sing my head off for one in that sort of old-fashioned Bond theme style…’ He pauses to think. ‘I’d love to work with Sia. I’d love to work with Alicia Keys. And Iron Maiden maybe one day?’

The thing about Sam is, you could see each of those somehow coming off, and you know he would have the time of his life doing it.

Sam’s UK tour starts on March 17, 2023 at Ulster Hall, Belfast

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