Madonna’s raunchy Instagram posts enrage fans: ‘Bake some cookies’

‘Throw on a nice sweater and jeans and watch It’s a Wonderful Life with your children’

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Madonna’s fans are fed up with her latest social media antics and want the pop star to get into the holiday spirit instead.

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The 64-year-old singer took to Instagram to post a video of herself adorned in jewelry and wearing a black lace balaclava, suggestive lingerie and sleek gloves as she bit down on a cane. As she paraded around, the Grammy winner set her latest brash display to the Platters’ Only You (And You Alone).

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“Are you so bored with your life this is the only thing you do and focus on? How about bake some Christmas cookies? Throw on a nice sweater and jeans and watch It’s a Wonderful Life with your children,” one person commented on her post. “If you aren’t bored with this crap, I know it has become boring to me.”

What are you doing??!! You are an amazing singer and you don’t need to be doing all of this!” another implored. “It’s making you look old and desperate for attention….please stop! You’re ruining your beauty!!!

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“How does someone your age find this normal behaviour?” a third asked. “This is just weird. For any age really…. But especially when you have grown kids that will also be seeing this crap. It is not flattering. Really!!!!”

She’s gone mad,” a fourth lamented. “She has lost her freaking mind.”

The Hung Up hitmaker continued her escapades over on TikTok, where she danced to Daft Punk’s Around the World in a cowboy hat, a busty multi-coloured top and a pair of flared, high-waisted navy pants.

“Someone come get Nana, she’s wandering again,” one critic swiped.

Can’t watch this anymore! I am outta here,” a former fan decried.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

But the Queen of Pop still managed to rustle up several defenders, who were quick to point out that the fading icon was just continuing to push the envelope.

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“My love for Madonna will never fade,” one diehard supporter exclaimed.

“She is an artist so sit back and shut up cause in the end she always brings it,” another defender reminded her detractors.

“Please mind your own business,” a third chided. “If she had accepted her wrinkles and worn these clothes and necklaces, you would have judged her any way.”

The clips are the latest in a seemingly endless chain of odd posts Madonna has shared across social media.

Last month, the music legend was seen clasping a $3,000 Balenciaga purse while posing topless in thigh-high stockings and a pair of lacy undies.

Madonna Photo by Instagram

Someone needs to take grandma’s phone away,” one follower wrote, with another adding, “You just need too sit the f— down … You may have paved the way for some of today’s young Female Artists, but you have had your day!!! Take a back seat & have some dignity!”

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Prior to that, fans roasted the Music songstress when she twerked in lingerie to Luclover’s LSD in a video posted to TikTok.

Madonna also raised eyebrows with an Instagram video where she appeared to lick water out of a dog bowl in addition to suggestively posing on a motorbike and squatting over a bottle of hot sauce.

Washed up has been. Please quit posting s— like this,” one disparager attacked.

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