New twist as chilling video & letter emerge after gunmen in military gear ambush & execute two cops

A HAUNTING new twist has unravelled in one of Australia’s deadliest incidents, where two cops were executed, as a chilling video and letter emerge.

The vision includes Gareth and Stacey Train revealing their extremist views during the mass shooting in western Queensland on Monday.


Conspiracy theorists Stacey and Gareth Train reveal their extreme thoughts on YoutubeCredit: YouTube
A letter allegedly penned by Stacey Train the same day the shooting took place


A letter allegedly penned by Stacey Train the same day the shooting took placeCredit: YouTube

During the incident, the killers were dressed in military gear as they ambushed two police officers and a local man, shooting them all in an execution-style murder.

Eventually police were able to contain the horrific situation, killing the three offenders.

However, a video has surfaced, which was believed to have been posted during the siege.

The footage is dark and shadowy, making it even more chilling.

In the video uploaded to YouTube, the violent extremists said: “Devils and demons came onto our property.”

Gareth said: “They came to kill us and we killed them.”

Stacey is next to her husband Gareth in the vision and said: “We will see you when we get home.”

The YouTube channel it was posted on contained many posts referencing COVID conspiracies, anti-vaccination and sovereign citizens.

Police were made aware of the vision and as a result investigators were able pull the metadata from the awful clip.

The video archives showed it was posted on December 12, the night of the fatal shooting.

It is unclear when it was recorded.

A day before the fatal shootings, another video was posted on a far-right channel talking about Nathaniel’s missing person’s case as well as several anti-police videos.

The couple involved worked in regional state schools but were unvaccinated — a decision that put an end to their careers.

Stacey Train quit her job last year, on December 16.

According to ABC, sources close to the family said the COVID mandates and restrictions made the unemployed mother of two more vulnerable to the conspiracy theories held by her husband Gareth Train.

The brother, Nathaniel Train, had already left his role as a principal in August 2021 and had gone off the radar after he said he suffered a cardiac arrest. 

In the wake of the brutal killings, attention has turned to the influence of online extremism.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said authorities would look closely at Gareth Train’s online activity on conspiracy theory and sovereign citizen websites, as part of the investigation.

On Thursday Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said the internet had “turbocharged” conspiracy theories and disinformation.

She said: “Before we get into the discussion about what’s happened, it’s really important that we let law enforcement and national security agencies do their job.

“Once the picture does start to clarify, it is likely that radicalisation will form a part of it.

“There will be deep and very important policy questions for us here as a parliament to think about how our country prevents and deals with acts of violence.

“But today is not the day for those discussions, today is a day for grieving.”

The Queensland Police Service issued a statement that said: “The footage was distressing to the families of those involved and police.”

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“We respectfully request media outlets, including social media platforms and traditional media outlets, to remove this content from their platforms and discontinue broadcast, if they have not already.

“We also urge members of the public not to re-post or share this content.”

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the chilling videos were under investigation


Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the chilling videos were under investigationCredit: Nine
The Police were killed at a rural property in western Queensland


The Police were killed at a rural property in western QueenslandCredit: Google

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