Ukraine news latest — Putin slammed for ‘indiscriminate terror’ as thousands left without power, heating and water

Impact of Russia’s brutal energy attacks explained by Ukrainian campaigner

Daria Keleniuk, an anti-corruption campaigner in Ukraine, took to Twitter today to explain the devastating impact of Russia’s energy attacks.

She wrote: “Today I’ve experienced missiles attack from Russia in Zhytomyr region hospital.

“Suddenly electricity disappeared, my 88 years old grandma with pneumonia had problems with getting oxygen.

“The hospital doesn’t have a generator yet. I went to the drug store to buy some medicines.

“In the drug store another grandma travelled 25 kilometres by bus from the small village to buy medicines.

“However, cut of electricity means drug store can’t sell drugs. I drove the grandma to another drugstore with a generator – she thanked me as I’ve saved her life.

“All patients in the hospital, all people in the drug store were super angry with Moscovians. The anger against Russia is spread now all to the deepest villages in Ukraine. “Imagine what these orcs would do with us if invaded” – told a grandma from the drugstore. “We must win!””

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