Viral Mengenai Sayur Lodeh Potongan Jari Manusia, Polisi Uji Forensik

Viral Mengenai Sayur Lodeh Potongan Jari Manusia, Polisi Uji Forensik
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– Lodeh vegetables cut off by human fingers are still a mystery. The police also questioned the owner of the cage and carried out forensic tests regarding the matter.

Belu Police investigators, East Nusa Tenggara said that Khadar Loda, who was bitten by a human finger, is currently under forensic examination. The examination was carried out at the Bhayangkara Hospital in Kupang.

“We have coordinated with RSB doctors and if the finger fragment reaches RSB, they will conduct a forensic investigation,” said Ipto Jafar Awad Alkatari, Head of Detective Blue.

In connection with the development of the case, a finger was found in a load of vegetables bought by a resident of a shop in Belo Regency.

The forensic team said they would transfer the finger fragment to Coupang Hospital on Friday (16/12) so that it could be examined immediately. “At least tomorrow we will bring the severed finger to RSB,” he said.

According to him, this forensic test aims to find out the identity and origin of the human body parts in the form of a finger cut at Sabzi Lodeh.

Jeffer clarified on Wednesday (11/11) that fingerprints cannot be verified using fingerprints.

“Why don’t you do a fingerprint test because some of it has been cut so it’s hard to read,” he added.

Kapolres Belu AKBP Yosep Crisbianto said a number of witnesses were questioned regarding the discovery of the human finger fragments.

“We have examined several witnesses, including the shop owner who sells the lodeh vegetables,” he said.

Apart from the stall owner, the investigation team also investigated the tofu factory owner, but the results were still zero because no one knows where the finger came from.

In addition, the police also searched several shop employees, but found no injuries to their fingers.

“We have asked the doctor directly as well, and there has been confirmation from the doctor that it is indeed a human finger cut,” he said.

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