Kelsey Harris “Husband” Is 1501 Exec, Raising New Questions About Her Motives

As another explosive day of trial comes to a close, the relationship between Kelsey Harris and Megan Thee Stallion’s estranged label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, has been called into question.

This week we saw Harris take the stand in the Tory Lanez criminal trial, where she gave testimony filled with inconsistencies and outright silence in some instances. Friday, prosecutors presented a recorded interview that Harris gave in September, where she confessed to seeing Lanez firing a gun at her former friend, despite claiming she didn’t witness this when questioned on the stand. After the last hearing of the week wrapped, social media did a little digging and uncovered an interesting link between Harris and the label that is also in a legal battle with Megan over her contract.

Apparently, the father of Harris’s child, referred to as her “husband” in court, is Darien “Dboy” Smith. He is considered an executive at 1501 and has posted several photos with artists on the label. Per his Instagram biography, he manages Erica Banks and maintains a close relationship with 1501 founder Carl Crawford.

Considering the strained relationship between Meg and 1501, this revelation has left some questioning whether or not this was the reason Harris chose to throw a curveball in the case. Crawford went live on his Instagram this week, letting his followers know he was headed to trial next month with Meg, who has been trying to get out of her deal for some time.

The trial will continue Monday, so it will be interesting to see if any aspect of this relationship becomes relevant in the courtroom. At this point, any 1501 involvement would be just another turn in this exhausting rollercoaster.

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