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Prashant Kumar is a well-known Bollywood performer and social media star who has made a name for himself across the country.

He is mostly known for his great acting in movies and TV shows like Bodyguard (2011), Jannat 2 (2012), Raanjhanaa (2013), Vikram Vedha (2017), KGF: Chapter 1 (2018) and others. Prashant is also known as a composer who has worked on projects such as the short video “Fidda 2022”, the music video “Premikate Marigala” and “Dil Ye Mera 2021”.

Surname: Prashant Kumar
Date of birth: June 12, 1999
Place of birth: Varanasi India
Hometown: Varanasi India
Nationality: India
Religion: Hindu
language skills: English, Hindi

Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar Biography

Prashant Kumar is a well-known Indian Actor, Social Media Star and TikTok Star from Ballia, UP. As of 2021, Prashant Kumar is 22 years old. He was born on June 12, 1999. Prashant Kumar is known for her lip sync videos on TikTok and other short video apps. He is also known for his good looks and wonderful personality. He has more than 600,000 people following him on Josh.

Prashant is ready for his new music album Prashant Kumar is an Indian star which is coming out soon. He said this is one of the best films he’s ever made because it’s his first biopic. He also worked in his shop and filmed. He said he’s so excited for his next film because it’s his life.

He also planned to release his songs and start his own company to distribute music. He can’t stop talking about his album. They believe this film will be a big hit in Hindi cinema.

Prashant Kumar also started going to the gym to get in shape. And meditate too. They plan so many new things that he can add to his life to make it better.

Prashant Kumar Music company was founded by Prashant Kumar. He loves acting and making music. He wants to start a company where many people can work. He also wants to go to college.

Prashant Kumar belongs from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He was born in India and is 22 years old. Uske Ho Gaye is his first record. He is also working on many music albums. He is verified on Google. His first rule that changed his life is to never give up and keep trying. He likes allu arjun very much.

He said I can do anything with my life. This is the time when I can do what I want. He made a plan and worked like a tiger to achieve it. He found out a lot. The first thing that inspired young people was when he said, “If you want to be a professional in life, you should always try to do your best and be the first.” People only talk about the first-rate person , so forget the second and third ranks. The gods Mahadev and Krishna have always been a source of inspiration for Prashant Kumar. God Krishna & Mahadev are his true heroes. Allu Arjun is the actor he likes the most.

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Prashant Kumar Early years

Since childhood, Prashant Kumar has been interested in singing, acting, technology, mobile phones and computers. He is also very interested in many other things.

At the age of 18 he made a name for himself on YouTube as “Prashant Kumar” in Varanasi. Prashant used to make videos about Reels, cover music videos, etc., but in 2017, YouTube banned Prashant’s channel for not following his own rules. Over 40,000 subscribers left Prashant’s channel overnight, so YouTube shut him down. Prashant was also shooting music videos for the music company Mirror Records at the same time. Prashant also brought his musical interests together. In 2018, he made a mashup song of the Jee Hume, Jeene Bhi De song, which became very popular. Prashant then became a musician because he liked music. Prashant Kumar has also made other movies like (Fidda, Garmi Shortmovie etc.) Prashant is also a director who has made many movies and music.

Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar’s career

This incredible person sings, plays music and acts. have millions of fans and everyone loves their looks.

At the age of 23, he became known as “Prashant Kumar”, a music artist on YouTube. where Prashant Kumar wrote love songs and music and where Prashant also edited music videos for Hindi Music Company. Prashant also matched his interest in music, and after that, in 2022, he remained interested in music. Besides, Prashant Kumar has also written a song. Prashant Kumar is also a singer who has been making many songs at the moment.

He starts his career as a music video editor based on what he has been doing in the music business since 2022. He is also known as a musician and actor.

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Prashant Kumar Net Worth

As of now 2022 Prashant Kumar has a net worth of around $2 million. Prashant is a well-known actor who has acted in several films and TV shows. He makes most of his money from acting, filmmaking, consulting and running other businesses. He also made a lot of money from his other job as a film director. He also continues to run digital ads for various brands on his social media handle.

Family and friends of Prashant Kumar

Prashant is a well-known Indian actor and composer. He was born to North Wester’s parents in Uttar Pradesh where he used to live with his family and friends. His mother Urmila is a trained housewife and his father Arun Kumar is a well-known businessman. So far, he has not revealed any further information about his relatives and siblings to the public.

Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar girlfriend

He hasn’t said anything about his relationship status based on facts. So we can draw a conclusion on this point with the information we have. We will let you know as soon as we have reliable information.

Prashant Kumar Amazing Facts

  • Prashant Kumar comes from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • He loves to travel and has been to many beautiful places around the world.
  • Prashant is a well-known musician.
  • He is also known as a composer.
  • Prashant’s YouTube channel has a huge number of viewers: 4,687,330.
  • In 2016 he shared the first video of the same name on his channel. o He is a very cheerful and nice person.

Movies and TV shows starring Prashant Kumar

As a professional and popular actor, Prashant has worked on a number of Bollywood and Tollywood films and has done great work which has helped him to become well-known all over the world. So, in this section, we will briefly talk about some of Prashant’s most famous movies and roles.

frequently asked Questions

What place is Prashantt Guptha from?

New York, which is in the United States.

When was Prashantt Guptha born?

May 27, 1982.

How old is Prashantt Guptha?

Prashantt Guptha will be 40 years old in 2022.

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