Three Pines: Will The Series Be Renewed For Season 2? Alfred Molina Dropped Some Hints!

The Inspector Gamache Series by Louise Penny has been adapted for the small screen by Amazon into their newest murder mystery series called Three Pines, which consists of multiple episodes that are each split into two parts.

If you’ve already completed watching this episode, you might be curious about whether or not this show will continue airing in the future.

Three Pines Cast

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Three Pines: What Is The Series All About?

The plot of the murder mystery series Three Pines is structured in a manner not dissimilar to that of the television show Midsomer Murders.

As soon as Gamache arrives at the town of Three Pines, which is located in Quebec, Canada, he discovers that there has been a string of killings.

The man, together with his colleagues Jean-Guy and Isabelle, set off on their mission to discover the truth behind a series of murders and identify the person responsible for them.

In addition to this, though, the show also delves into a secondary storyline that runs concurrently throughout the season. The disappearance of a Native American lady who went by the name Blue pulls Gamache in two different ways, and he is desperate to discover the truth.

Three Pines
Three Pines

Three Pines: Will There Be Season 2?

Amazon has not yet commented on whether or not there will be a second season of Three Pines. This information is not yet available.

At this time, Prime Video has not yet decided whether or not to continue airing Three Pines. The production company had to have believed they were on to something big when they decided to create a popular crime series and cast the gifted Alfred Molina in the lead part.

Unfortunately, die-hard fans of the novels have also had varied reviews to the series. The primary faults that they have brought up are a rushed pace, an unusual tone, and terrible casting. Even though everyone seems to be talking about it, it’s possible that Prime Video won’t renew the series as a result of the mixed reactions it’s received.

Whether or not it has sparked debate, the show has proven to be rather popular with users of the streaming service, and its viewership numbers are sometimes more important than anything else.

I’m going to put my reputation on the line and say that I believe it will be renewed for a second season even if it’s not guaranteed. Already, the series has established both its strengths and its audience. I believe that viewers are still interested in witnessing more murder mysteries, and Three Pines most certainly satisfies that demand.

If they are given the opportunity, hopefully they will be able to enhance the writing as they progress into the second season. The rest of the elements appear to be in place, with Molina’s outstanding performance and Prime Video’s enticing budget combining to create a cinematic feast in terms of the aesthetics.

Three Pines
Three Pines

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Three Pines: Alfred Molina Dropped Some Hints!

Due to the fact that the first season of Amazon’s detective drama Three Pines is still airing, the streaming service has not yet given an official go-ahead for a second season of the show.

On the other hand, the primary actor of the series, Alfred Molina, has already hinted that there are preparations in place for a second season of Three Pines.

When the actor was speaking to Broadcast earlier in the year 2022, he dropped hints that additional episodes are on the way.

The actress described the plot as being “character-driven” rather than “event-driven.” “I’ve read some scripts, and I can tell you that [in upcoming episodes], we’re going to push Gamache’s character a little bit further.”

In addition to this, Molina went on to say, “He’s [Gamache] the best part I’ve had in television because of all his paradoxes.” Even though he has excellent taste, I find him to be a bit of a snob.

“He appears to have an infinite amount of tolerance with people who aren’t quite doing precisely what he needs them to do, but he also takes the time to point out where they’re going wrong,” we were told.

Alfred Molina
Alfred Molina

Three Pines: Review Of Season 1

The characters in Three Pines are prone to making pseudo-profound metaphors (such as “When does the lifeboat become the prison ship?”) and barely cogent aphorisms (such as “Never let your emotions sway you from what you know in your gut”), and the dialogue in every episode of the show is abundant in oddly prosaic language.

When one of the characters somberly informs another that “Houses don’t kill, people do,” it feels as though we have wandered into the territory of Welsh hip-hop.

The wintery atmosphere is used to generate some magnificent images by the cinematography, such as in a dramatic passage in which Gamache gazes out across a field of human figures buried beneath the snow.

In other places, on the other hand, oddly wide shots keep two or three characters standing awkwardly in frame while another character delivers a monologue. This is a choice of visual composition that, when combined with some rather lackluster acting from the supporting players, gives the impression that the whole thing is an amateur stage play.

Many of the other performers are robotically stiff even when they are delivering the show’s most melodramatic material, with the exception of Clare Coulter, who has a lot of fun playing a foul-mouthed, duck-raising, wild lady poet.

Three Pines
Three Pines

Sarah Booth is lovable as the clutz-ish rookie cop. This stiffness becomes particularly disturbing in the second half of the season, when we go to a case with a wealthy family whose members rarely feel like they are acquainted with one another, let alone blood relatives.

The majority of the connections in Gamache’s personal life have a similar sense of superficiality. Although we are led to believe that his coworker, Pierre Arnot (Frank Schorpion), is an old friend, he consults him on a regular basis for guidance; nonetheless, each meeting appears to serve no purpose other than to advance the story.

There is nothing to indicate that these are two men who have worked alongside each other for years, and there is no complexity to their interactions other than the one that is required to advance the plot of Three Pines.

The majority of the show’s most significant relationships are made perfectly clear, which is to say that they are presented in the least dramatic way possible.

The cases themselves are only tangentially connected to one another due to the appearance of overlapping characters, while the attempts to establish a consistent thematic through line are unsuccessful.

It’s the kind of one-to-one comparison work that’s used far too frequently in contemporary media to reduce a human being to a single, simple mechanism, and while the series does explore some ideas about the ways in which traumatic experiences can be passed down through families and communities as a whole, it’s important to note that these ideas aren’t fully explored.

That sums up the situation in Three Pines very well, don’t you think? It’s a mystery series that functions almost exactly the opposite of how a Magic Eye picture does when you look at it: the more you focus your attention on it, the less there is to see.

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