Witchcraft!- Outrage As ‘Sangoma’ Zodwa Wabantu Flaunts Her Tortoises And Cheetah

Witchcraft!- Outrage As ‘Sangoma’ Zodwa Wabantu Flaunts Her Tortoises And Cheetah

South African exotic dancer-cum-sangoma Zodwa Wabantu has sparked outrage on social media after she flaunted her wild animals.

Taking to her Instagram account, Zodwa Wabantu posted a picture of herself with two tortoises and a cheetah.

Zodwa Wabantu with her tortoises and cheetah (Image Credit: Instagram @zodwalibram)


Captioning the picture, she revealed that every wild animal in her hut was given to her by royal blood. She wrote;

We are all rich differently. Since I am Zodwa Wabantu, you don’t surpass me with anything, what is mine is not bought. It’s a serious gift that every animal in my hut was given to me by royal blood. I am from a royal family. My God is great and always with me.”


The picture stirred up controversy as social media users accused Zodwa Wabantu of practising witchcraft. Critics claimed that what Zodwa Wabantu was doing is immoral and illegal as they also accused her of animal cruelty.

Aside from that, the picture has also prompted many to question if Zodwa Wabantu is a genuine sangoma or a fake one.

Zodwa Wabantu sangoma
Zodwa Wabantu accused of practising witchcraft (Image credit: Instagram @zodwalibram/News24)


A section on social media thinks Zodwa Wabantu is faking being a sangoma to stay relevant as they argued that her exotic dancing career was flopping.


Here are some of the comments;


What in the black magic is this


Those animals belong to the wild, they can’t be domesticated.


Nithakatha live manje anosafihli lento yobuthakathi nokuthwala niyenza istayela nje impala…


So you decided to kill that animal. You are out of order shame. You don’t respect our nature.


so vele vele you’re licensed to have wild dangerous species roaming around your hit. What do your neighbours with kids say, living in such an environment Gogo?

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