Traeger’s New High-Tech Grill Promises to Cook Your Food to Perfection

The Timberline XL isn’t just a grill – it’s a lifestyle.

Warmer weather means barbecue season, and if you’re looking to splurge on a luxury grill and smoker this summer (or any other time of the year), Traeger has you covered.

Promising to cook your food to perfection, the brand’s Timberline Grill series offers a line of high-tech pellet smokers that are everything you ever wanted in terms of an advanced and customisable pellet grill.

Starting at $6,999 (!!!), Traeger’s marquee product offers a suite of premium features. Among them is a “smart combustion system” made up of sensors that detect and adjust the grill’s temperature so your food is evenly cooked throughout. And like other top-of-the-line Traeger models, the Timberline is Wifi-enabled (or as they like to call it, featuring WiFIRE® connectivity). Hook it up to Traeger’s app, and you can leave your grill without worrying about flare-ups or your food overcooking.

Meanwhile it houses a new heat delivery system that makes its grates even hotter for searing steaks and ribs. Plus, if you’re looking to seriously smoke your meats, the Timberline has a new Super Smoke Mode that activates its fire pot for maximum smoking capabilities.

BUT, if you’re on the way to become a true grill master, we need you to turn your eyes to the new Timberline XL: the Don of wood pellet grills, available for a sweet $7,999.

Boasting all the features listed  above, the main upgrade with the XL is the grill size: taking the grilling space from 880 sq/inches on the base Timberline to a massive 1320 sq/inches on the XL. What that means is you can fit double the amount of meat: think 12 whole chickens, 16 racks of ribs, or 12 pork butts – in one go.

The induction cooktop included also allows for frying, sautéing, simmering, and scorching-hot searing on the side of your grill, while The P.A.L. (Pop-And-Lock®) Accessory Rail allows you to arrange extra shelves, tool hooks, storage bins, roll racks, and more in the way that suits your cooking style. Oh, and the Timberline can be permanently built-in, allowing you to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

While most high-end grills we’ve seen focus on cooking and less on cleanup: the new Timberline grease and keg system automatically vacuums ash, debris, and grime into a bucket, so you can spend less time cleaning and more grilling, too.

It’s the ultimate romance between technology and good old fashion wood-fired cooking. Not bad.

Find out more about the Timberline XL here.

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