Your weekly horoscope from December 19 to 25 2022

Aries21 March-20 AprilYour best festive present arrives this week in the shape of Jupiter, landing back in your sign after a brief visit there earlier in the year.  This time around Jupiter is set to stay until mid-May and offers you your best chance in 12 years to relaunch yourself. An image change, an outlook overhaul, a new home in a new country, or a whole new learning experience, one or more of these is potentially on offer thanks to a sprinkling of Jupiter bravado and good luck. This hits at the same time as the Sun enters your career zone, and there may be some tension about what you want to do versus what you have to do. Ambition is your motivation so think big, even over the holiday period. Tie up loose ends and prepare to finesse the launch of a new beginning with your career goals with the blessing of the New Moon towards the end of the week. As asteroid Chiron in your sign goes from retrograde to direct, learning from the past and learning to let it go is the way forward.
Taurus21 April-21 MayPrepare to feel positively optimistic. Jupiter lands in your emotional zone this week, for a rare visit that will continue through to May 2023. This is all about getting a healthy perspective on life and believing in yourself. Do the work and channel happiness because the next step in your evolution is to receive Jupiter in your own sign in mid-May when anything and everything will appear to be possible. The only negativity now is a possible fear of failure when the Sun squares up to Jupiter. Don’t let that hold you back, as It could lead to a case of  ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. But that’s for next year. For now, get ready to explore all kinds of options as the New Moon urges you to take a risk on an adventure that has the potential to raise your status and improve romance. You don’t have to go far to explore options and possibilities now but the cosmos hints that what’s out of your comfort zone could hold more opportunities than what’s over-familiar.  
Gemini22 May-21 JuneA need to lead could be strong now with Jupiter landing for the second time this year in your zone of friendships and ambitions. You tend to like to do your own thing in the company of a soulmate but Jupiter puts you in the middle of group dynamics now and you can sway opinion with your wit and wisdom between now and mid-May 2023. Big ambitions may also seem closer to being achievable during this rare and optimistic phase that only occurs every 12 years. From midweek you’re likely to pull strings behind the scenes. Your fun side is a front for some serious powerplays around commitment within a working or personal partnership, and money and intimacy could be the high stakes. You’re single-minded and practical now as the New Moon gets you focused on tying up loose ends this side of the festive season and New Year. Whatever didn’t work out with friends, groups, hopes and dreams in 2022, asteroid Chiron urges you to let it go and leave what’s past in the past as you begin to look at 2022 in your rear-view mirror.  
Cancer22 June-22 JulyIt may be almost time to wind down for the holidays but your career gets the full force of lucky Jupiter this week. Returning to this zone after a taster session earlier in the year, Jupiter is here to stay for the next five months as your cosmic coach to make you take some calculated risks to be the Next Big Thing. You might seek and get a promotion, switch jobs or start your own side hustle as the sky’s the limit with Jupiter now. All this go-getting could initially rub up a work or romantic partner the wrong way when Jupiter clashes with the Sun in your relationship zone. But rather than stick to your status quo and be a people pleaser, let your ruler tthe New Moon change the rules of relating because nobody ever said things always need to done be the same old way. If you’ve experienced imposter syndrome or don’t feel worthy of respect at work, asteroid Chiron will help you learn from any career issues now and heal them so you can move onwards and upwards.
Leo23 July-23 AugustYour sense of adventure goes into overdrive this week. Whether you’re seeking media fame, yearning to book an adventurous trip away or adding an impressive new skill to your list of talents, Jupiter will see you through this fortunate phase. The planet of luck and expansion is on your side for the next five months, and the mood is super positive. There could be a clash between your ruler the Sun and Jupiter early in the week with routines and duties vying for priority over adventures. As the New Moon will help you see everything from a fresh perspective, you’ll soon realise that you can have your wild time and balance it out with common sense, getting stuck into the groundwork, and taking care of your well-being at the same time. Chiron is also on hand to help, now that the healing asteroid is out of reverse in your zone of adventure and education. You might feel a fear of the unknown, but you won’t test your bravery until you take that first step and go there.
Virgo24 August-22 SeptemberIntense undercurrents and emotions are likely to be experienced by you now, but you’ll be holding your emotions in and keeping things under the radar. It may take a huge effort to keep secrets, withhold desires and handle commitments as Jupiter will make you want to shout from the rooftops, but your natural reticence about not making a fuss will most likely help you to keep extremes in check. It’s fine to work below the surface, like a swan that’s graceful above the water but paddling inelegantly like crazy below. The potential sexual tension increases when the Sun in your romance zone squares up to Jupiter around midweek. The only way to handle this more positively is to set out fresh intentions, and a New Moon towards the weekend will help you do just that. You love to be well-informed and have all the answers and hate to be at a loss for solutions to every situation, but when asteroid Chiron flips out of retrograde and gets back on track this week let go of the fear of failing at love, or in business, or with money and let the past heal and look after itself because right now your future’s looking bright.
Libra23 September-23 OctoberIt’s an OMG kind of week for you, with Jupiter revisiting your relationship zone to bring the possibility of all good things. A guru figure or teacher, someone who makes you laugh with them -– not at them, an international lover, or simply a bigger and better choice of partner is likely between now and mid-May 2023. A hint of discomfort around what you know versus what or who you don’t know could arise midweek when the Sun in your serene and sensible home zone clashes with flashy Jupiter. But a New Moon arrives towards the weekend, and with it comes new habits, new house rules, a new lifestyle and potentially a new home situation that also gives you more kudos and stability over the next six months. If you feel in any way ‘less’ than the one you love or the ones you’re with, asteroid Chiron will show you how everyone feels unworthy to some extent, so let Chiron’s influence heal any hurts around important partnerships because it really doesn’t have to be that way.
Scorpio24 October-22 NovemberHealth is a priority for you now and with good health comes greater happiness. Jupiter newly arrived in your well-being and work zone pushes you to get on top of niggles you’ve let slide, in ways that give you pleasure, not physical punishment. You might initially try to talk yourself out of this progamme of improvement when the Sun clashes with Jupiter early in the week, but a New Moon will help you to see the light and the good reason behind learning how to look after yourself better. You’ll raise your self-esteem and even your prestige while you’re at it. Asteroid Chiron heals us where we’re most vulnerable and with your sign now that seems to be around self-care and carrying out the routine aspects of your job. If both areas have felt like chores to you, now’s the time to raise your game and show how committed and involved you can be. Hard work that’s also ultimately rewarding is the way through any self-defeating attitudes now.
Sagittarius23 November -21 DecemberBrace yourself for a hugely creative phase ahead, with your ruler Jupiter in your zone of artistry and amour for the next five months. You’re likely to be bolder, more inspired, and more in love with life and romance during this time. There could be an initial glitch with this plan this week as your money might not match your grand expectations but don’t try to think too far ahead, let this fabulous phase play out in its own good way and time. With the Sun moving into your finance zone you’d do well to save a little, including saving your own energy, to build up your reputation and prestige over the next four weeks. Heading into the New Year with a clear mindset is better than trying to wrangle ideas and aims that are all over the place and this week’s New Moon helps to sharpen your focus. If you’ve felt lacking in the romance department or self-deprecating about your talents, asteroid Chiron moves out of retrograde now to help you realise that being good enough is good enough.
Capricorn22 December-20 JanuaryHome is likely to be your main source of happiness as this week begins and in fact right into May next year. Jupiter is the planet responsible for this sense of joy, and you’ll have felt nothing quite like it since Jupiter was last in your home zone 12 years ago. A feeling of freedom and expansion is likely to be all-consuming. A house move, a home makeover, a move abroad or even packing up your stuff and hitting the road for the next few months are all possibilities under this free-wheeling influence. You might feel the fear first when the Sun in your sign clashes with overly-optimistic Jupiter, but this week’s New Moon also in your sign gives you a six-month window to do something that feels different but still authentically ‘you’. Wherever you’ve had doubts about your home, roots, family, or lifestyle this is the year to transcend worry and lean into those fears to come out the other side, healed and whole. Asteroid Chiron, now out of reverse, will help you through this potentially fabulous phase of self-realisation.  
Aquarius21 January-18 FebruaryThere’s something you need to say and now’s the time to say it. With Jupiter in your communication zone for the first time in 12 years, you’re almost evangelical about a message you need to let others know about. This is not chit-chat or gossip, it’s on a big broadcast level so you’re likely to be vocal on social media, possibly in the press and even on major media outlets. It’s also fun, wise, groundbreaking and fearless. You might write a book, do a Ted talk, or learn something amazing that you want to share with others on a grand scale. Jupiter gives you six months to make it happen. It’s about elevating your prestige too, and any initial doubts should get swept away as a New Moon in your emotional zone adds determination and grit. There may still be fears around being heard, speaking up, and what happens next, but asteroid Chiron now out of retrograde can help to turn fear into a learning process that can heal old wounds and hurts that have held you back.
Pisces19 February-20 MarchYou could earn more now and in the months ahead as Jupiter in your finance zone makes you luckier with money, but don’t push your luck as you’re likely to spend more too! ‘More, and bigger and better’ is Jupiter’s philosophy. Alternatively, you might be influenced to take a more spiritual route and free yourself from financial excess, giving your money, time and energy to causes you care about and improving your karma in the process. Friendships and your hopes and dreams are big news this week and over the next four weeks too as a New Moon brings extra power to your sign for launching new ideas and bringing collaborators together to get things done. Money and your values or self-worth may have been issues for you lately, but now that asteroid Chiron is moving out of reverse you have a chance to heal outworn ideas about yourself and others and make a positive difference in the world.
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