Angry Karnataka Teacher Kills Class 4 Student, Beats Up Mother: Cops

The teacher also thrashed the boy’s mother who is also a teacher at the Karnataka school.


A 10-year-old died in Karnataka today after his teacher beat him and pushed him off the first-floor balcony of the government-run school. The police said Muthappa, teacher at Adarsh Primary School at Hagli village in the northern part of the state, beat the boy with a shovel.  Bharat was a student of Class 4.

Shivprakash Devaraju, a senior police officer of Gadak district, told reporters, “The reason is not clear now…prima facie it looks like some family issues among them”.

Muthappa had even thrashed Bharat’s mother, Gita Barker, who is also a teacher at the school. She is receiving treatment at a local hospital.

The man, who was a contract employee, is currently missing.

A similar incident was reported from a school in Delhi last week. The teacher, in a fit of rage, had attacked a student of Class 5 with scissors and flung her from the first floor of a government school building.

The attack took place during the craft class.

The police said the teacher apparently locked herself inside a classroom with students and “violently” threw water bottles before she picked up the girl, cut her hair and tossed her from the balcony.
Another teacher tried to intervene Geeta Deshwal from flinging down the student, but failed.

The child, who was immediately taken to the hospital, is stable, doctors have said. She has fractured her cheekbone and is unable to eat or drink. She also bruised her head and leg in the fall.

The school in question is run by the civic body of Delhi. The teacher has been arrested and is facing charges of attempt to murder.

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