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Brazilian runway icon Gisele Bündchen has shared an adorable yoga evolution with her and her nine-year-old daughter, Vivian.

The model, who is a lover of yoga, pilates and dance workouts – and who, at 41, can also still do the splits! – revealed how she’s encouraged Vivian to join her in exercise over the years.

Sharing an adorable series of photos from 2013, 2020 and 2022, Gisele showed how her tiny toddler had learned to master her flexibility.

In the throwback photo from 2013, a toddler-aged Vivian is seen sitting next to her mum, trying to copy her in a split.

Vivian was born in 2012 in Boston, and now lives in Los Angeles with her mum, father, Tom Brady, 44, and brother, Benjamin, 12.

While she didn’t quite have it mastered then, it looks like Vivian is well on her way now.

Gisele shared a sweet updated photo of her and her daughter practising their yoga now, and it looks like the youngster is well on her way to being as flexy as her mum.

She captioned the post: “Time flies!!! 2022 > 2020 > 2013. O tempo voa!!!”

“O tempo voa” translates to “time flies” in Portuguese.

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