I tried on my old high school colorguard uniform – my freshman year outfit was the best

A WOMAN has tried on her old high school colorguard uniform and shared the results.

Nicole, who posts on TikTok using the handle @nico1eodeon, shared her costumes in a recent video.


Nicole participated in colorguard all four years of high school
She modeled all four of her costumes in a recent video


She modeled all four of her costumes in a recent video

Nicole participated in colorguard during all four years of high school.

“I miss colorguard so much.. but what sports/activities did y’all do in hs or currently do?,” Nicole captioned her video.

During her freshman year, the costume theme was Starry Night.

Nicole modeled a light and dark blue costume with dark shorts and an indigo-colored train.

Nicole said in the video this costume was her favorite because of the back, which had cut outs, and the one-sleeve design.

“Super cute, biggest slay,” she said.

Her sophomore year costume was The Four Seasons-themed.

Also a one-piece, the top is covered in silver sparkles while the bottom half is blue shorts covered by a blue skirt.

For her junior year, Nicole had a costume with a “Big blue under the big top” theme.

The costume resembled a circus ringleader’s outfit, with a red top and black shorts and train.

Finally, for her senior year, Nicole’s costume was Arabian Nights-themed.

The costume was dark blue on top with light blue pants and gold accents.

Her video has been viewed more than 272,000 times.

Many TikTokers in the comments thought all of Nicole’s costumes were so cute and some were even jealous that she was able to keep them.

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