Million Dollar Sunglasses, Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth (2023) and More

Million Dollar Sunglasses, Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth (2023) and More
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Tracy Tutor: Million Dollar Sunglasses, Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth (2023) and More

With over 22 years of experience in the sale of luxury real estate, leading real estate agent and bestselling author Tracy Tutor is also a successful businesswoman.

Because of her undeniably powerful presence and her unwavering self-assurance, Tracy has been invited into the presence of some of the most influential people in Los Angeles.

She has also been given the opportunity to represent some of the most notable brands in the real estate industry, as well as iconic architects such as Frank Gehry, John Lautner, and Pierre Koenig.

Amangiri, a five-star luxury hotel and resort located in Canyon Point, Utah, has retained Tracy to provide consulting services for the sales of approximately $400 million dollars’ worth of branded real estate.

Tracy Tutor’s on-screen character, which she gained as the first female real estate broker on Million Dollar Listing LA, is revealed in her book “Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word,” which became an instant best-seller almost immediately after its release.

She is currently leading an exclusive virtual series that is intended to empower women using her raw and always uncensored attitude with one singular mission: provide a no-nonsense guide to analyzing big egos, deflecting power plays, and taking control of any room.

Tracy Tutor

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Tracy Tutor: Who Is She?

She speaks passionately around the country to women about personal growth and success, and she is also leading an exclusive virtual series that is intended to empower women using her raw and always uncensored attitude.

As a result of the resounding success of the launch of the West Hollywood Edition, Tracy has been given the exclusive right to represent the luxury development.

The development will be completely sold out in 2021, and the sale prices will range from $4 million to $26.5 million, with a total of nearly $200 million.

This will break records in Los Angeles for price per foot. Other noteworthy transactions in 2021 include the sale of Valley Farm in the Palisades, which was priced for $27,000,000, followed by sales totaling $150,000,000+ by the conclusion of the second quarter.

Tracy was born and raised in California, and she has extensive experience living all throughout the Los Angeles area, from Hidden Hills to Hollywood Hills.

Tracy Tutor was exposed to the world of real estate at a young age due to the fact that her father, Ronald Tutor (Tutor/Perini), is widely regarded as one of the most successful civil and building contractors in the country.

She started working for her father not long after she had her degree from the University of Southern California. During her time there, she gained a vast amount of information and a tenacious work ethic.

Tracy left Tutor/Perini after nearly three years to pursue a career in residential real estate, and she hasn’t looked back once since making the switch.

Spending time with her loved ones and friends helps Tracy strike a healthy balance between her job and personal life as she continues to grow her company throughout the globe and take on additional challenges and responsibilities.

Tracy Tutor: Where To Get Her Sunglasses?

Million Dollar Listings star Tracy Tutor sported a pair of Gucci sunglasses with a price tag of $500. The sunglasses that Tracy wore had a round frame and were made of acetate.

The reality TV personality has always been praised by those in the fashion industry for the fact that she never steps foot outside her house without donning a pair of sunglasses. The search for the treasure has officially begun, and numerous websites are actively engaged in the endeavor.

In the fourth episode of season 12, she wore circular aviator glasses that made her appear like a million bucks. The author was on the edge of her seat as she tried to acquire the identical set of goggles that she had previously looked for on the internet and ordered.

The eyewear has a classic appearance thanks to its top bar and bridge, both of which contribute to its fashionable overall appearance.

The dark lenses were able to obscure the sunlight, and the color worked well with what she was wearing. At the Saks department store, a comparable pair would run an average person over three hundred dollars, while a more affordable option can be found at the Michael Kors retail location for 159 dollars.

Due to the fact that the authentic Saint Laurent glasses have been removed from circulation, both retailers have sadly sold out of their remaining inventory.

Another pair of glasses that are famously associated with her are the oversized cat eye glasses that she wore in the episodes of season 12 of “Altman vs. Fredrik.”

The Gucci Store offered customers who were strapped for cash the option to pay for the large embellished round-frame acetate spectacles from the Gucci Stars collection on a monthly basis for the price of around five hundred dollars.

You’ll locate the glasses in this location.

Tracy Tutor’s Look Explored

Tracy, a former real estate agent who is now a reality show star, is famous for the chic manner in which she attended to the needs of her high-profile clientele.

It is more important to her than simply appearing good, as making a daring choice in her wardrobe helps her feel powerful. The audacious choice of a shimmering gown with a thigh-high split that she wore was described as a next-level combination of bold, seductive, and sophisticated by Bravo TV.

She stunned both the people watching at home and the people watching on TV when she strolled out wearing a top by Zara, a skirt by Rick Owens, and a belt by Bottega Veneta.

Even the person operating the camera gave her a once-over from head to toe because the monochrome ensemble was so well complemented by the leather stiletto sandals designed by Versace.

Her fellow contestant Bobby Boyd was the first to compliment her attire, adding that she looked like a snack in them. However, she was not yet prepared to give up the appearance, so she posted it on Instagram for all of her thousands of followers to see.

Tracy Tutor
Tracy Tutor

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Tracy Tutor: Bio

Tracy Tutor is a TV star and real estate agent who was born in California on August 11, 1975. Although she spent the majority of her youth in Los Angeles, she was born in California.

Tracy Tutor’s success in her field can be attributed to the fact that her father, Ronald N. Tutor, is a well-known civil and building contractor in the United States. Ronald N. Tutor passed on to his daughter the tricks of the trade at a very young age, which is one of the reasons why Tracy has achieved so much in her career.

Tracy Tutor Tracy is an actress who has been in the films No Vacancy and Expose. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Dramatic Art and is known for playing the roles of Prudence and Tiffany Holmes.

After working for her father’s company, Tutor Perini Corporation, for three years, she went on to work for two other companies, the names of which are unknown, before she finally landed a job as a real estate agent in Douglas Elliman Beverly Hills.

Before she became a celebrity agent, she worked for her father’s company for three years. Tracy is the first female cast member to appear on the show Million dollar listing, where she was a cast member of the show’s Sports and Entertainment division.

Since joining that show, she has successfully sold a number of properties, and she is currently employed in the Sports and Entertainment division of her current company.

Tracy Tutor: Early Life

Tracy was reared in Los Angeles along with her other siblings, with whom she spent her formative years, after she was born in Brentwood, which is located in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Tracy, who is the daughter of Ronald N. Tutor, a well-known person in the real estate market, learned some of the things she needed to know about the industry from her father from a very young age. Her father taught her some of the things she needed to know about the industry.

Tracy Tutor: Education

Although Tracy did her academic training at the esteemed School of Dramatic Art at the University of Southern California, information about her basic academic life is not readily available.

Aside from that, our team of writers was able to establish that she had a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts.

Tutor Tracy: Boyfriend

Tracy Tutor was formerly married to Jason Matias, with whom she shares the names Scarlet Matias and Juliette Matias as the parents of their two children.

The couple that had been together for 14 years decided to get married, but in 2018 they decided to end their marriage since they were unable to resolve their issues.

Aside from that, Tracy is presently in a relationship with a personal trainer by the name of Erik Anderson who is situated in Los Angeles.

Tracy Tutor
Tracy Tutor

Tracy Tutor: Parents

Tracy’s father is the well-known real estate expert Ronald N. Tutor of the United States, and her mother is Cheryl Osterkamp. Ronald N.

Tutor is the CEO of Tutor Perini Corporation. Additionally, Kristin Tutor-Eberts is Tracy Tutor’s sister. Her name is Kristin Tutor-Eberts. She is an interior designer, and her husband Christopher Eberts is in the film industry. Together, they have two children.

Tracy Tutor: Height

Tutor has a height of five feet and eight inches, a hair color that can be described as reddish black, and a pair of eyes that are brown in hue. Tracy, who is of White race, was born in the United States and retains American citizenship.

Tracy Tutor: Family

Cheryl Osterkamp is Tracy Tutor’s mother, and her famous father, Ronald N. Tutor, is one of the most successful real estate magnates in the world.

In addition, she has a sister who goes by the name Kristin Tutor-Eberts, and Christopher Eberts is her husband. Kristin Tutor is a designer who focuses in interiors, while Christopher Tutor, her husband, is in the film industry.

Erika Schaefer is a member of the team that Tracy maintains, and she serves in the capacity of an assistant for Tracy.

Before transitioning into the real estate market, Erika Schaefer began her professional life working as a reporter covering the entertainment industry.

Before she went into real estate full-time, Erika pursued a career in the entertainment industry as an actress, and she has roles in the following films:

Tracy Tutor
Tracy Tutor

Tracy Tutor: Career

Tracy Tutor kicked her her career in the real estate sector as an agent on the 14th of July 2020, the same day that she published her first book, which was named “Fear Is Just a Four-Letter Word.”

Tracy was employed as a real estate agent for her father’s company, Tutor Perini Corporation, prior to her becoming what she refers to as her “own boss” in the field.

Working alongside her father in the family business provided her with the opportunity to get a significant amount of knowledge regarding the real estate sector.

Her father, for one, thought her most of the things that he believed would aid her in the industry, and he passed those thoughts on to her.

Tracy quit the business that she had been employed at by her father for almost three years before making the decision to pursue her own professional goals.

Tracy is doing rather well for herself in the field because to the fact that when she left her father’s company, she had already established a very admirable work ethic.

Tracy has gone from being an infamous figure in the industry to becoming a well-known name as a result of his work as one of the most successful real estate agents for Douglas Elliman Beverly Hills.

Tracy Tutor is credited with being the first woman to join the cast of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

She is known for representing well-known businesses such as Frank Gehry, Pierre Koenig, John Lautner, West Hollywood Edition Hotel and Residence, and other similar establishments.

In addition to this, Hollywood media named her one of the Top 30 Real Estate Agents in 2017; she received this honor in 2017.

Tracy Tutor: Net Worth (2023)

Tracy Tutor is widely regarded as one of the most capable real estate agents in the United States, and she has a track record of closing the deals necessary to sell a variety of properties. It is estimated that she has a net worth of twenty million dollars.

Quick Facts

Name Tracy Tutor
Age 47 years
Date of Birth 11 August 1975
Father Ronald N. Tutor
Home town Hidden Hills, California
Nationality American
Occupation Real Estate agent
Net worth est. $20 million

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