Ukraine LIVE: Air raid sirens blare as 30 ‘Iranian drones’ downed in Kyiv | World | News

Vladimir Putin’s army appears to be close to another humiliating retreat in southern Ukraine in the latest blow to Russia’s crumbling war effort.

The Russian army has been hit by several devastating blows in recent months, as Ukraine’s commanders unleashed devastating counterattacks in the northeast and south of the country.

In September, the Ukrainian army routed Russian forces during the Kharkiv counteroffensive while in early November, Russia’s commanders abandoned the strategically important port city of Kherson

Putin’s army is believed to have lost more than 70,000 square kilometres of occupied territory since it abandoned its attempt in spring to capture Kyiv.

But in a fresh blow, Russia’s top military brass are now reportedly contemplating yet another morale-crushing withdrawal of their troops in southern Ukraine.


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