13 Best Warm Winter Sheets of 2022 — Cozy Sheet Sets for Cold Weather


Between tossing, turning, and huddling up to get warm underneath the covers and even adding extra blankets in the middle of a cold winter night, it can feel like you’re doing the absolute most just to get a restful sleep. Trust me, I’ve been there. So to ensure you don’t spend most of your nights fighting to stay cozy or wake up freezing this season, I’ve gathered some of the best warm winter sheets worth investing in. Because, this winter, your bed should be your happy place where you can spend the next several months wrapped in soft, warm bedding as often as possible.

From heavy flannel to soft percale cotton, you’ll find tons of excellent winter sheets across various price points below. So if you’re in the mood to treat yourself to some luxe bedding this season, you’ll find options made from smooth silk or bamboo that are still light enough for you to use year-round. Or, if you’re sticking to a budget (I’m with ya there), you’ll still find plenty of affordable, quality choices on this list that won’t break the bank and keep you nice and warm. Check out some of ’em right now.

Our top picks for the best warm winter sheets of 2022

Now, here are 13 of the best bed sheets for winter. Time to hit “add to cart” and then take a well-deserved nap. Sweet dreams!

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Best Overall Winter Sheets


Luxe Core Sheet Set in Twin


Best Budget Winter Sheets

Empire Furniture USA

100% Cotton Flannel Sheet Set


Best Flannel Winter Sheets


100% Cotton 4-Piece Flannel Sheets in Full


Best Fleece Winter Sheets

True North by Sleep Philosophy

Cozy Brushed Microfleece Sheet Set in Queen


Best Cashmere Winter Sheets


Heathered Cashmere Sheet Set in Full


Best Velvet Winter Sheets

Great Bay Home

Extra Soft Cozy Velvet Plush Sheet Set


Best Bamboo Winter Sheets


Signature Sateen Sheet Set in Queen


Best Temperature-Regulating Winter Sheets

My Sheets Rock

The Regulator


Best Eco-Friendly Winter Sheets


Eucalyptus Sheets in Queen


Best Winter Sheets for Hot Sleepers


SoftStretch Sheets in Queen


Best Linen Winter Sheets


100% linen sheet sets


Best Silk Winter Sheets


4Pcs Silk Queen Bed Sheets


Best Holiday-Print Winter Sheets

Pottery Barn

Santa Toile Organic Percale Sheet Set in Queen

What to consider when shopping for the best warm winter sheets

The material

With the many types of sheet options out there—from percale and flannel to silk, bamboo, and sooo much more—it can feel a little overwhelming trying to figure out kind of fabric is the most suitable for you. One way to narrow down the options is to consider the type of sleeping environment you’d like to create. For example, if you want your bed to be super warm this winter, look for sheets made from fibers that retain heat, so anything made from cotton, fleece, wool, cashmere, and even silk would be ideal.

The thread count

First things first: A sheet set’s thread count isn’t the end-all-be-all or only tell-tale sign of its quality (there are a lot of other factors to consider, like how it’s weaved and the type of fibers used). However, when it comes to shopping for extra cozy winter sheets, paying attention to the thread count could let you know if the sheets are actually warm enough for your needs. Because, typically, the higher the thread count, the heavier—and, therefore, warmer—the sheets are. This is because if there are more threads of yarn per square inch, then the fabric is denser, meaning there’s less air flow (and less of a chance to feel a cold draft in the middle of the night). So if you’re after something warm, any sheet set with a thread count of 250 or higher would be a good option. And for my peeps who like their bed extra toasty, look for sheets with a thread count of 400 or higher, as these sheets will be extra dense and have a bit of weight to them that’ll feel especially cozy.

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