Is Mountain Dew Code Red Discontinued?

The American Mountain Dew style Code Red was first made obtainable in retailers in May 2001. It was a convincing success when it was first launched.

The product sales of Mountain Dew as a complete grew by 6% on account of this launch inside the first 12 months, and a number of other different additional flavors have been later developed inside the 2000s. Code Red, a Cherry Mountain Dew style, is called for its pink look and has a style and coloration that are identical to Citrus Cherry.

This introduction served as inspiration for the mom or father agency, PepsiCo, and eventually resulted inside the development of fairly a number of additional flavors, along with LiveWire (which was launched in summer time season 2003) and Baja Blast (a Taco Bell distinctive launched in 2004).

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Is Mountain Dew Code Red Discontinued?

Yes! Mountain Dew Code Red was discontinued as a result of it was not as prevalent because the distinctive Mountain Dew. Due to its sweetness and potent style, the distinctive Mountain Dew was further well-liked. In addition, Code Red worth larger than the distinctive Mountain Dew.

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