Study in Germany for Free with & without IELTS 2023

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Germany is one of the best study destinations places for international students. German is the official language of Germany, but as an international student, you can study your field in the English language. In this blog, I will share complete detail, about how you can study in Germany for Free with and without IELTS, but before this, I want to share why Germany?

Why should I study in Germany for FREE?

Germany is the hub of international students, and it provides an educational environment, please check the list of following reasons to study in Germany.

  1. There is no tuition fee.
  2. Admission without IELTS.
  3. Job seeking visa after study.
  4. Part-time work during visa.
  5. High jobs chances after studying.

Study in Germany Procedure:

  1. Documentations for Admission
  2. Admission Process
  3. Block Account
  4. VISA process
  5. Book your Flight

1. Documentations for Admission:

Please scan your all-educational documents, Passport, CV, motivational letters, recommendation letters, IELTS/English Proficiency letters, etc.

Tip: As I earlier said, you can still get admission without IELTS, but with IELTS you can apply for all universities, and it increases your chances of getting admission.

You can get FREE IELTS preparation material with practice test

2. How to get Admission?

There are so many public and private universities in Germany, and in Public University you can study with zero or less than 100euro per semester. If your academic scores are good then must select public university, you will get admission free of cost.

IELTS is not necessary for admission, yes in Germany, some universities offer admission on only Proficiency letter.

You may apply for TU Berlin Summer Scholarships in Germany 2023

What is a Proficiency letter?

This letter is from your institute (University or College), and it shows your language of instruction was English.

You can easily get an English proficiency letter from your university or College if you have completed your degree in English. They will charge some fees but will issue the original document if you have completed your degree in English.

Should I learn German language?

The German language is always beneficial, much like eating meals with your favorite food. German is not required if the English language is your course instruction language, but it is always recommended by the Institute that you learn as much German as you can, so you can communicate with your fellow students at cafes, shopping centers, and so on.

University will require B1 or B2 levels for those students who plan to study their degree in German.

German Levels:

A1 = Beginner

A2 = Beginner advance

B1 = Intermediate

B2= Intermediate Advance

C1= Fluent

C2= Native

Want to learn a German language must Join Babble platform.

How to find University, Course, dates etc.?

There is a DAAD portal where you can find the list of all public and private universities with complete detailed information. Just use filter and search.

Some Universities requires application via uni-assest and some have their online application portal.

3. Block Account:

For international students in Germany, a blocked account is a special type of bank account they need to demonstrate they have enough money to support themselves for one year. This is a requirement to obtain a German student visa or student residence permit. For a blocked account, the minimum annual amount will be €10,332 as of 2022.

Do you want to open Blocked account for Germany for study visa.

When will I receive my amount Back?

Each month you will receive amount of €861. (€861 per month).

4. Visa Process:

After securing your admission and blocking amount, you have to just apply for German VISA.

For foreign students, a German student visa can be obtained if you hold a letter of complete admission from a German university, college, or other institution equally recognized by the German government.

Listed below is a checklist of the documents required for a German student visa application.

  1. Valid Passport.
  2. Two duly completed Visa application forms.
  3. Two recently taken photographs.
  4. Proof of admission.
  5. Proof of German/English Language
  6. CV
  7. Motivational letter
  8. Student Health and Travel Insurance
  9. Blocked account

5. Book your Flight:

One of the easiest and most awaited steps for international student.

If you need any question, you can directly DM me on Instagram @DheerajAuthor or Follow me on Facebook @DheerajAuthor.

Best Wishes.


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