Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023

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Australia has emerged as a top destination for international students seeking high-quality education. The Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship at the University of Melbourne is a prestigious Australian undergraduate scholarship that offers exceptional financial support to international students. With Melbourne scholarship opportunities and comprehensive international student support, you can pursue your dreams at one of Australia’s leading universities.

Why Australia?

Australia is home to renowned universities, picturesque landscapes, and a vibrant, multicultural community. Studying in Australia will not only provide you with world-class education but also expose you to diverse cultures and experiences. Australia boasts a strong research focus and innovative teaching methods, making it an ideal destination for ambitious students seeking to expand their horizons.

Why Choose the University of Melbourne?

The University of Melbourne is consistently ranked among the top universities worldwide, offering an excellent academic environment and state-of-the-art facilities. As an international student, you’ll benefit from Melbourne’s international student support services, including assistance with visa applications, housing, and academic guidance.

Brief Description:

Location: Australia
Benefits: Full Tuition Fees
Total Award: 1000
Application Status: Open

Benefits of the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

The Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship provides substantial financial assistance, ensuring you can focus on your studies without financial stress. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. $10,000 tuition fee remission in the first year of an undergraduate degree.
  2. 50% fee remission for the three-year duration of an undergraduate degree, or
  3. 100% fee remission for the three-year duration of an undergraduate degree.

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Who Can Apply?

To be eligible for this Aussie uni scholarship, you must:

  • Be a citizen of a country other than Australia and New Zealand, and not a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Have completed secondary school outside Australia or a foundation program in Australia.
  • Have received an unconditional offer for an undergraduate course at the University of Melbourne.
  • Achieve a secondary school result that places you in the top 3% of your country.

How to Apply?

The best part about the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship is that there is no separate application process. Once you’ve secured admission to the University of Melbourne, you’ll be automatically considered for the scholarship based on your academic merit. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your spot for the July 2023 intake in Australia at top universities, ensuring a vibrant and enriching academic experience. Apply now and embark on your educational adventure in the Land Down Under.

Required Documents

To apply for undergraduate financial aid at Melbourne University, you’ll need:

  1. Proof of citizenship.
  2. Academic transcripts from secondary school or foundation program.
  3. Unconditional offer for an undergraduate course at the University of Melbourne.

Other Scholarships in Australia

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship is just one of many Australian education scholarships available for international students. If you’re keen on exploring other options, consider looking into study in Australia funding programs and global student awards in Melbourne. Explore a myriad of other scholarship opportunities in Australia, including the Hansen Scholarship, James Cook University Opportunity, University of Sydney Scholarship, Maitri Scholarship, SUT Scholarship, Griffith University Scholarship, Deakin University Scholarship, and Latrobe Scholarship, all designed to support and enrich your educational journey.


The Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for international students to pursue their dreams in Australia. Don’t miss out on this life-changing experience – take the first step towards a bright future at the University of Melbourne. Apply now and unlock your potential with one of the most sought-after Australian undergraduate scholarships.


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